Linguistats specializes in natural language processing (NLP). This is a multifaceted field merging linguistics and IT. Text mining processes unstructured data (usually text from the Web), usually with statistical models. NLP gets the most out of text mining by giving more meaning to the data. More...

The volume of data available to us today is staggering. Quantitative methods that allows this data to be used I business processes and actionable plans is becoming more essential. Linguistats provides processes that are easy to understand and products that are easy to use. Solve your most urgent business plans with the assistance of world-class text analysis done by our linguistics and data experts.

Our Services

Here are some examples of services we provide:

Visual detection. Face and object detection and recognition. Useful for security and authentication.

Voice detection. Detection and recognition of voices. Includes voice-to-text methods and voice identification for security.

Concept mining. Allows for the creation of propositional and predicate knowledge bases. These repositories can be queried with an intelligent interface, like a chat bot. Useful for automated customer service.

Sentiment analysis. Converting text to opinions (opinion mining) that go beyond merely liking or disliking a product or service. Useful for social marketing and development.

Text classification. From simple sorting an clustering of text to complex categorization. Useful for sorting emails into various categories or sorting good and bad resumes automatically.


Our Products

Give us your data, or we can collect it for you. We can build you a complete data product. We specialize in unstructured data, mostly in the form of text documents. From this data, we can create a multitude of products.

Here are some examples of products we can provide:

Knowledge Base

Linguistats can turn your text into a massive set of knowledge that can be easily and quickly queried. We provide an API that allows for remote access from all kinds of devices and applications. We are experienced in providing custom data products for all kinds of enterprises, for all kinds of processes.

Examples are:

Front Ends

We can provide all kinds of knowledge bases, but we also can create all kinds of front ends tailored to your needs. This includes desktop applications, websites and mobile apps that rely on remote or local data.

Examples are:


Typical Applications

Text data is difficult to examine computationally. This is because of its open-ended, unstructured nature. Linguistats can provide reliable analysis of text that can be used in more structured environments.

Here are some applications where text mining can be useful:

Analyzing open-ended survey responses. Many researchers avoid “narrative” replies because they are difficult to operationalize. These responses often contain views and opinions that can be reliably mined and quantified.

Automatic processing of messages and emails. Algorithms can be used to process text online. Employers may want to look for certain kinds of resumes; email servers may want to separate ham and spam emails.

Actuary and risk assessment. For some business domains, information is collected in text form. Warranty claims are an example, where a service attendant may write notes about your insurance claim.

Competitor and domain analysis. A business can investigate competitors by crawling their website and related websites. Crucial information, such as their primary focus, trends, etc, may be discovered.


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